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Ministry of Presence

The Changing North - You Can Help

The Ministry of Presence is about adapting to many realities facing the Diocese of Yukon.

Many years ago, communities were vibrant and financial support from the south for missionary dioceses was strong. The Diocese of Yukon at one time operated with 15 stipendiary clergy.

Many changes have happened. Fewer financial resources are available. Some parishes no longer have resident clergy. Add to this the effects of residential schools and now a global COVID pandemic. The results are communities with deep pastoral needs and few individuals to provide that care.

The Challenge

To provide pastoral and liturgical care in communities that once had stipendiary clergy.

The Solution

The Ministry of Presence is one approach.

The Ministry of Presence is having a volunteer in the community, clergy or lay, to be the presence of Christ. The person is provided housing and utilities. In some cases, there is a small honorarium. The person provides liturgy and emergency services such as funerals. The volunteer is the representative for the Diocese and is the “first call” in the community and provides pastoral care as they are able.

The ministries or other needs are negotiated through conversation with the community, the volunteer, and the Bishop. Each appointment differs according to the parish & community needs.

Full printed document - Minstry of Presence

You Can Help

You can be a volunteer for the Ministry of Presence. Download and read the full document and, as well, review the Northern Lights to find out the interesting things people are doing. If you live in Yukon or are interested in coming to Yukon to serve with the Diocese, please phone the Diocesan Office (867) 667-7747 or email: Synod Office You can make a donation to the Ministry of Presence to help with the expenses of the Parishes and the Diocese.

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Bishop Lesley Wheeler-Dame