Synod 2012

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Synod 2012

"Getting Back to Basics"

The Diocese of Yukon held its 39th Synod on October 12 & 13 in Whitehorse. For those who are new to the word 'Synod', it is an annual general meeting of delegates - bishops, clergy, lay and guests - a time of prayer, fellowship, and review of financial, policies and other business of a diocese.
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This year 13 parishes were represented, 15 clergy delegates, 18 lay delegates and 8 guests.

The theme, 'Getting Back to Basics" was about the essential disciples of Christian growth. Throughout the synod there were sort talks on 'Prayer", 'Personal Devotions", 'Outreach" and 'Bible Readings". There were serious discussions on practical matters - finances and resources and how the Diocese will continue in service to God, the people of the diocese and in the world.

The Synod opened Friday 7:30pm with a service of Holy Eucharist led by the Rt. Rev. Larry Robertson follow by calling the meeting to order at 9:15 pm with a short prayer and greetings from Chief Dan Cresswell, Tagish-Carcross First Nations.

Saturday commenced with a breakfast at 8:00 am followed by a full day of business activities, including financial reports, reports from parishes and policy discussions. The meeting closed with Disciples' Prayer Book led by the Rev. Sarah Usher.

Links to talks:

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