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What we mean by Christian Stewardship

"It's about how Christians deal with money and possessions. It's also about the way we relate to other people."

"So stewardship means how we live as Christ's disciples and how we use all our resources. Thinking hard about our attitude to money and giving is one side of the stewardship coin, but it's not just a way of funding the church."

"When we think about giving as a response to Christ, we start to make a connection between how much we have received and how much we give. This more thoughtful commitment brings spiritual growth and our commitment to giving grows as our faith develops and deepens. When church members practise true Christian stewardship, problems such as shortage of money, and other human resources, become secondary." - from The Anglican Stewardship Association

The Parable of the Talents

What Stewardship means in other Dioceses

Diocese of Toronto
Diocese of Ottawa

What Stewardship means in Diocese of Yukon

Stewardship is a partnership between parishioners in the communities, salaried workers and volunteers - priests and laity and sustaining supporters of missionary dioceses. See the Ministry of Presence and other ministries on our website.

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